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Job Openings in The Class

Looking for an inquisitive and careful reporter. Job responsibilities include:
-track down and report on interesting stories,
-keep track of classroom data,
-coordinate with the weatherman, and
-type student-written stories
Must have reasonable writing and word processor skills.
Are you interested in weather? Then this job is for you! Job responsibilities include:
-keep a daily record of various weather-related data
-chart daily weather and other weather-related data as needed
-share the daily and weekly forecast with the class
Must be organized and comfortable speaking in front of others.
Government Worker
Seeking a dedicated individual to serve his or her classmates in an important position. Duties include:
-report broken or malfunctioning classroom equipment
-survey class on various issues of classroom life
-collect taxes
Only serious applicants need apply
Attention lovers of the written word! The bibliophile's dream job is now available. Librarian responsibilities include:
-place new books, magazines, and newspapers in the class library
-dispose of out-of-date periodicals
-reshelve library materials
-check out library books to students
-track and respond to overdue materials
Organized individuals apply today!
Maintenance Worker
If you want a physical job, this one is for you. It's an important job with opportunities for advancement. Duties include:
-erase chalk board
-empty pencil sharpener
-check for trash on the floor daily
Apply today!
This job will keep you on your toes.


Articles for the class newsletter
Must be student's original work, and be proofread by another student before being submitted. Should be of reasonable length for printing. May be handwritten or typed. Original art also accepted.
*The editor reserves the right to proofread and cut at her disgression; every attempt will be made to consult the author in such cases.
Weekly deadline for publication: Wednesday, 3:30pm
Rate for written work:
Rate for artwork:
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