The Unveiling
by Jo Anderson (c) May, 1998
The bride advanced in colors gay.
The priest his lines began to say.
She promised by his side to stay
Forever, throughout night and day,
The girl beneath the veil.
The priest announced them man and wife.
They now were joined for joy and strife,
For rich and poor, in short, for life,
The man and girl and veil.

The party started, blessings given,
To live in joy the pair was bidden.
But still, to touch--it was forbidden;
Half of her face remained quite hidden,
Hidden by the veil.
The room was warm, yet one guest shivered
As the couple joined forever
And the wine flowed like a river.
The guest stared at the veil.

More wine and gifts upon a cart
Arrived, the crowd began to part,
And toward the bride with quite a start
Went the guest troubled heart,
With eyes set on the veil.
Quickly the guest approached the bride.
“It’s all a lie!” the guest then cried,
And grasped the string where the veil was tied
And removed the poor girl’s veil.

The dancers quickly ceased to hop,
The pourers paused, the music stopped.
The faces, staring, seemed to mock
The groom as he stood still in shock
And saw beyond the veil.
His one true love now held the shred
Of cloth she’d torn from her sister’s head.
Their father’s treachery to this had led,
Aided by the veil.

Now Jacob truly saw his bride;
Alas, his eyes were opened wide.
Rachel’s hand fell to her side,
As if it thought the veil to hide.
Oh, that treacherous veil!
And Laban weedled, “Please, Your Grace!
Imagine her with Rachel’s face.
But Leah had to take her place,
She, first wear the veil."

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