The Unveiling
by Merideth Patterson

Like the blossoming of the budded flower
Like the refreshing of the rainy shower
Are the pearl gates of Heaven opening
God's created image is reopening
Before the throne the crystal sea intruding
All is made, God's divine word protruding
As joyful angels are now barefoot dancing
A parade of God's holy ones advancing
Exuberantly, Father sings from Heaven
His excitement rises like bread of leaven
For His bride has come freely to His dwelling
Creation sings, the shouts of saints compelling
For by His endless love He's reached His people
He has repaired the church's brolen steeple
In garbs of white comes the long awaited host
Of whom all saints and seraphims shout and boast
His glory now shown as all stare in wonder
Then the Heavens open, shake, shudder, thunder
For the mystery of love has been unveiled

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