The Princess and the Dragon

An original play by:

The Second Grade Hobbits

Christopher Ishizuka

Kjellfrid Reite

Stacia Birdsall

Larissa Theule

Lily Anderson

Sara Thompson

Sterling Hart

Colby Long

May 1988


The Princess and the Dragon

Setting: A magical Kindon in the Land of Polakiya in Austria.

Cast:    Queen – Sara – Sara Thompson

Princess – Miriam – Lily Anderson

Dragon – Smog – Colby Long

Maid – Old Maid – Stacia Birdsall

Bird – Rose Bud – Kjellfrid Reite

Spy – Peepers – Larissa Theule

Knight – Sir Bumble – Stirling Hart

Knight – Sir Lancelot – Christopher Ishizuka



The Queen is sitting on her throne…the Knights stand guard on either side…the Old Maid is fussing around the room…the Spy is handing papers to the Queen…the Princess is waiting to talk to the Queen…the Bird comes to talk to the audience.


Rose Bud: Welcome to the Magical Kingdom of Polakiya.

(Rose Bud bows and moves into the Queen’s room)

(Princess Mariem is talking to Queen Sara…she is crabby and whiney…the Queen is very busy with important papers…Rose Bud watches from the corner)

Princess: Mother, can you play with me?

Queen: Not now Mariem, I’m very busy.

Princess: You never have any time for me.  There’s nothing to do around here. I don’t have any friends.  I’m bored.

Queen: Why don’t you go out into the garden and pick some of your favorite flowers?

Old Maid: Yes, yes my dear, why don’t you go have some fun like a good girl.

(the Princess goes off to the garden…she is mutterint as she goes…Rose Bud follows along, unseen by the Princess)

Princess: I never have any fun…no one ever plays with me…I’m so bored.

(If the garden a small dragon is hiding in a flower patch.  The Princess starts to pick a flower, she is still complaining.)

Princess: Picking flowers…how boring.  Why can’t I ever have any fun?

(As she picks a flower, the Dragon’s face pops into view.  Both the Princess and the Dragon jump back in fright…Rose Bud jumps too.)

Princess: Oh no!!! What is it???

Dragon: snort…sputter…snort!!!

(They both take a closer look at one another)
Princess: Why you are a baby dragon!

Dragon: Snort…snif…snif…snort.

Princess: Would you like to play with me?

Dragon: Snort…snort. (he nods his head yes)

Princess: Let’s play tag!

(The Princess and the Dragon play together in the garden…Rose Bud watches)

(In the castle Old Maid moves into the Princess’ room and begins to clean it)

Princess: Say Dragon… what is your name?

Dragon: Snort…Smog…Smog.

Princess: Oh, it’s Smog.  O.K. Smog, would you like to see my room?

Dragon: Snort. (nods yes)

(The Princess puts her cape on the Dragon and they go inside her room…Rose Bud follows…as they go in, the Spy enters the garden and notices the trampled flowers.)

Spy: Hummmmmm… what’s been happening here?  Trampled flowers and unknown footprings.  How very strange!

(The Spy returns to her room)

(The Princess and the Dragon are playing in her room…Old Maid is cleaning up.  Old Maid was the Queen’s Maid when the Queen was a baby, so she is very old and can’t hear or see very well.  Old Maid thinks the Dragon is one of the Princess’ friends)

Old Maid: Oh hello my dear, are you feeling better now?  Oh…is this a new friend?  Isn’t that nice.

(Old Maid peers at the Dragon who is still covered with the Princess’ cape)

Old Maid: What is your name dear?

Dragon: snuffle…Smog…snort.

Old Maid: Oh yes, what a nice name.  Well you girls have a nice time playing now.  Yes, yes have a nice time.

(The Old Maid shuffles off back into the Queen’s room…the dragon looks upset because the Old Maid thought he was a girl…the Princess and the Dragon continue to play together…Rose Bud comes and talks to the audience)

Rose Bud: Aren’t they having fun?  But I have a question…do baby dragons need to eat?  Shall we find out?

(Everyone is going to bed and to sleep, except for the Princess and the Dragon.  Rose Bud continues to watch from the corner while the Dragon begins to look very hungry)

Princess: Are you hungry, Smog?

Dragon: Snuffle…(nods yes)…snuffle

Princess: Well let’s go see if we can find some food for you to eat.

(The Princess and the Dragon go out into the hall…Rose Bud follows along unseen…there are shoes lined up by the doors…the Dragon runs up to each door and eats just one of each pair of shoes)

Princess: What are you doing??  Why are you earing just one shoe of each color?  Are the different colors different flavors?

Dragon: Snort…snort. (nods yes)

Princess: Are you full now?

(Dragon nods yes and yawns)

Princess: Well, let’s go to bed.

(The Princess and the Dragon return to the bedroom and go to sleep.  Rose Bud sleeps in the garden)


(The next morning.  The Spy is the first one awake and discovers the shoes missing.  The castle is beginning to awake…Sir Lancelot is trying to awake Sir Bumble who just can’t seem to wake up…The Spy goes in to talk to the Queen…Rose Bud follows)

Spy: Your Highness, something very strange is going on.

Queen: What’s that Spy Peepers?

Spy: Yesterday I found strange footprints in the garden and now everyone is missin one shoe!

Queen: Hummm…this sounds like a job for the Knights.

(The Queen rings a bell…as the Knights hear it, Sir Bumble jumps up wide awake and ready to go…the Knights go to put their shoes on, but there are only one for eack…they enter the Queen’s room and salute)

Sir Lancelot: Yes, Your Highness?

Sir Bumble: We are here to serve you.

Queen: Yesterday Spy Peepers found strange fiootprints in the garden and now everyone is missing one shoe.

(The Knights look down at their feet where they have only one shoe on)

Sir Bumble: Yes, Your Highness…

Sir Lancelot: We know.

Queen: Please solve this mystery.  You may go now.

(The Knights exit the Queen’s room and begin to search the castly.  Rose Bud follows.  Spy Peepers stays with the Queen and consults with her…Old Maid tidies up. As the Knights go from room to room, the Princess and the Dragon are just one step ahead of them.  Finially the Knights return to the Queen.)

Queen: Well brave Knights, what have you found?

Sir Lancelot: Well You Highness…

Sir Bumble: Actaully nother.

Sir Lancelot: We searched all day…

Sir Bumble: and we will continue tomorrow.

Queen: Thank you for trying.  It’s been a long day…so, good night everyone.

(Everyone goes to their room…Rose Bud goes into the Princess’ room where the Dragon is again looking very hungry)

Princess: Shall we find some food Smog?

Dragon: (very excited) Snuffle…snort. (nods yes)

Princess: I don’t think you’d better eat any shoes tonight, that really cause a fuss today!  Maybe there are some snacks in my Mom’s room.  Be real quiet and let’s go look.

(The Princess and the Dragon sneak off to the Queen’s room where they find a jar of cookies.  The Dragon begins to eat them, but he only takes one bite out of each cookie.  Rose Bud watches from the corner.)

Princess: What are you doint?  Do you think the cookies will have different tastes or is the first bit the best??

(The Dragon nods his head yes and continues earint.  When he finishes he goes over to where the Old Maid is sleeping and licks her.  The Princess and the Dragon go to the bedroom and go to sleep.  Rose Bud sleeps in the garden.)


(The next morning Spy enters the Queen’s room and notices all the cookies scattered around…Old Maid is talking about the night and having felt something strange)

Old Maid: Well I did feel something brush my leg last night and it seems like something licked me…but I know that wasn’t the Princess…maybe the cat came in and ate the cookies.

(Spy Peepers looks at the cookies then joins the talk about the cat possibility.

Queen: This sounds like another job for the Knights.

(Old Maid agrees as the Queen rings for the Knights)

(Sir Lancelot has been tryint to awake Sir Bumble, but it just doesn’t seem to work until he hears the bell ring and Sir Bumble jumps up ready to go.  The Knights enter the Queen’s room and salute)

Sir Bumble: Yes your Highness?

Sir Lancelot: How may we serve you?

Queen: More strange things have happened and I want you to inveestigate.  Yesterday there were the strange footprints and missing shoes.  Now we have cookies with just one bite missing.  Something must be done!

Sir Lancelot: Yes, Your Highness…

Sir Bumble: We will begin the search right away!

(The Knights go to search the castle…Rose Bud follows…Old Maid cleans up…the Spy consults with the Queen…the Princess and the Dragon stay just one step ahead of the Knights all day long…Finally the Knights return to the Queen…the Princess and the Dragon are listening at the door)

Queen: Well Knights…did you find anything?

Sir Bumble: We’ve searched and searched…

Sir Lancelot: But we haven’t found anything.

Queen: Thank yiou for trying…maybe it was just the cat after all.  It’s been a very busy day, so good night now.

(Everyone goes to their rooms for the night…Rose Bud goes into the Princess’ room where the Dragon is looking very hungry again)

Queen: Old Maid, where is that book I was reading?  It is such a good book.

Old Maid: Right here Your Highness.  Aren’t the pictures simply delicious looking?

Queen: Yes, in fact, they look good enough to eat.  Well, good night Old Maid.

Old Maid: Good night.

Princess: Are you hungry, Smog?

Dragon: Snort…(nods yes) snort!!

Princess: Well, we’d better be very careful tonight.  We almost go caught today.  Let’s go and see if there are any new snacks in the Queen’s room.

(The Princess and the Dragon enter the Queen’s room.  There isn’t any food, but the Dragon sees the book the Queen was talking about.  He pickes it up and begins to eat it.)

Princess: Oh no, Smog what are you doing???

Dragon: Snort…gulp…good!

Princess: No Smog…not good to eat!  It’s good to read!!

(The Dragon puts the book down looking a bit disappointed.  The Princess and the Dracon return to the Princess’ room and go to sleep.)


(The Queen is sitting up… Old Maid is cleaning…the Knights are trying to wake up…the Princess and the Dragon are waking up… Spy Peepers enters the Queen’s room with some important papers for the Queen…Rose Bud watches from the corner)

Spy: Here Your Highness, these papers need your signature.

Queen: Very well, but I’ll need something firm to write on…please hand me my book  That should work.

(The Spy picks up the half-eaten beek and looks bewildered)

Spy: Do you mean this one?

Queen: What on earth?  What have you done with my good book, Peeper?

Spy: Nothing!  This is how I found it.  It looks like it’s been eaten.  How very strange!

Queen: Oh dear me, another mystery.  Let me ring for the Knights.

(The Queen rings the bell…the Knights jump up and come into her room)

Sit Lancelot: Yes, Your Highness?

Sir Bumble: How may we serve you?

Queen: Another mystery to be solved, brave Knights!  Someone or something has eaten half of my good book!

Old Maid: Yes, yes and it had the most delicious looking pages in it.

Sir Bumble: We go immediately to search, Your Highness.

Sir Lancelot: We shall look high and low till we find the one who has done this!

(The Knights salute and go to search…the Old Maid and Spy stay with the Queen…t he Princess and the Dragon sneak from room to room just ahead of the Knights as Rose Bud follows along behind…after searching all day, the Knights return to the Queen…the Princess and the Dragon return to the Princess’ room… Rose Bud follows them)

Sir Lancelot: Your Highness, we have bad news…

Sir Bumble: We have searched all day…

Sir Lancelot: But found nothing.  Not a sign of anything strange.

Spy: How very strange.

Old Maid: Yes, yes…very strange indeed.

Queen: Well, thank you for trying.  All this mystery has made me very tired.  Good night my good people.

(Everyone goes to their room for the night.  The Princess and the Dragon are talking in the bedroom.  There is a bowl of fruit on the table.)

Princess: Well, at least tonight we won’t have to sneak around, we have all the food we need right here.

Dragon: Snort…snuffle…snort.

(The Dragon eats and then they lay down to sleep.  The Dragon is restless and gets up to look around the castle… Rose Bud follows.  The Dragon goes into the Knights’ room where he finds an alarm clock which he eats.  As he does, the alwarm goes off.  The Dragon dives under a table as the Knights jump up and go into the Queen’s room.  The Queen is sleeping as the Knights enter.)

Sir Bumble: Yes, Your Highness?

Sir Lancelot: You rang, Your Highness?

Queen: What…who…why are you here?  What time it is?

(Sir Lancelot looks at his watch)

Sir Lancelot: 2 A.M., Your Highness.

Sir Bumble: Why are we up at 2 A.M.?

Queen: I am quite sure that I don’t know why.  Please just go back to bed.

Sir Bumble: Yes, Your Highness.

Sir Lancelot: Sorry, Your Highness.

(The Knights return to their room)

Sir Lancelot: Sir Bumble, I am sure we heard a bell.

Sir Bumble: Let’s check the clock, maybe we set it wrong.

Sir Lancelot: Where is the clock?

Sir Bumble: It was on the table.

Sir Lancelot: Well it’s not there now.

Sir Bumble: Maybe it is on the floor.

(As the Knights look around, the Dragon is still hiding under the table and he begins to lick their hands as they reach under the table.)

Sir Lancelot: Yipe!  Did you do that ?

Sir Bumble: Do what?

Sir Lancelot: It felt like a piece of sandpaper on my skin!

Sir Bumble: Sandpaper?

(Sir Lancelot reaches back under the table)

Sir Lancelot: Yikes!  There it is again!!

(The Knights pull up the tablecloth and see the Dragon…they are shocked and the fall backwards while the Dragon curls up in a ball.)


(The Queen, Spy and Princess come running)

Queen: What is going on here?

Spy: How very strange.

Sir Bumble: Your Highness, stay back!

Sir Lancelot: There is a dangerous beast loose in here!!

Princess: Wait, no…don’t hurt him!!

Queen: Don’t hurt who?

Princess: Smog!  Mom, please don’t let them hurt Smog!! (She throws her arms around him)

(Old Maid enters and peers at the Dragon)

Old Maid: Oh yes…Hello.  It’s the Princess’ little friend.  Are you all having a little party?  What fun.

Queen: Princess Mariem, what is going on here?

Princess: This is Smog, he is my friend.  No one else has time for me, but Smog does.  He is my friend and you’d better not hurt him!!

Queen: Calm down, no one will hurt him.  Now both of you come out here.

(Princess and Dragon come out from under the table.)

Queen: Somehow I have a feeling that this explains some of the mysteries we’ve been having in the castle.  Do you two know anything about the missin shoes…cookies with missing bites…a half eaten book…and a missing alarm clock?

(Princess and Dragon look at each other, then nod yes)

Queen: Yes I thought that might be the case.  Did anyone else know what was going on?  Did you Sir Lancelot?

Sir Lancelot: No, Your Highness!

Queen: Sir Bumble?

Sir Bumble: No, Your Highness!

Queen: Spy Peepers?

Spy: No, but I knew it was very strange.

Queen: Of course the Old Maid didn’t.

Old Maid: What’s that dear?  Do you want tea?  Maybe some nice cookies for the Princess and her cute little friend?  Yes, yes that would be nice.

Queen: What about you Rose Bud?

Rose Bud: Yes, I knew.  I’ve watched them every day.

Queen: What?!?  Why didn’t you say anything?

Rose Bud: No one asked me.

(the Queen takes the Princess and the Dragon out to the garden where a Mother Dracon waits to meet them.  The Dragon runs to her, she hugs him and they walk off hand in hand)

(Rose Bud comes out to talk to the audience)

Rose Bud: This ends our play, but we want you to know that Smog and Princess Mariem were able to play together every day…but when night came, they both went to their own homes!

(Rose Bud bows)