As I was doing my internship at Teen Mania, I sometimes downloaded sounds for my computer. I once came across a song from one of my favorite Star Trek episodes, but as I was listening to it, I realized...this would constitute secular music, big-time! (A no-no at T.M.) Of course I shut it off right away, but the tune stuck in my head - I'd memorized the whole song when I first saw the episode a couple of years ago. So I decided to do something about it - I rewrote it as a Christian song, so now I can sing it to my heart's content. My roommates all loved it, so I figured I'd post it here for fellow jazz-lovers who prefer Christian music. I've also uploaded the original song (the secular version; I doubt you want to hear my rendition of the re-write), so if you want to hear the tune, you can listen to that one first. Hope you like it!
Oh, and by the way, all credit for the music and original lyrics belongs to whoever wrote them...I've no clue who! I'm only using them for my own pleasure, and no copyright infringement is intended.


Jerimiah 20:9

Never know how much You love me.
Cen't understand how much you care.
I feel your Holy Spirit moving,
And get a feeling that's so hard to bear.

  You give me fever, when You touch me,
  Fever when you hold me tight.
  Fever in the mornings,
  Fever all through the night.

Everybody needs the fever.
Sadly many do not know.
This fever isn't such a new thing,
It all started long, long ago.

You light up the daytime,
Hang the stars out in the night.
Yet You still call us each by name,
And I know you're gonna treat me right.

  You give me fever, when You touch me
  Fever; those who know You should learn.
  Fever deep inside me,
  What a lovely way to burn...
   What a lovely way to burn...
    What a lovely way to burn!

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