Bible/Social Studies Project Outline

Continent: Asia Country:________________________
1. General Information
Using complete sentences, write two paragraphs containing general information about the country you are studying. Be sure to include the following:
  • the capital
  • major people groups
  • type of government
  • a brief history of the country
  • the population
  • major geographical features
  • name of prominent leader(s)
  • economic information and list of major industries

2. Language Information
Using complete sentences, write one paragraph containing information about the languages spoken in the country you are studying. Be sure to include the following:
  • major languages spoken
  • the number of people who speak each language
  • the number of these languages into which the Bible has been translated
  • literacy information
  • Extra credit: Write John 3:16 in the country's major language*

3. Select one of the following items to put on a page in your project:
  • a recipe of a traditional dish of the country
  • a picture (you can draw one) of a native costume
  • a picture of the country's flag
  • the words to the country's national anthem
  • a biographical sketch of a missionary of the country
  • a map of the country
  • Extra credit: Do more than one (only one additional item counts as extra credit, though doing more is not forbidden)*

4. Missions Information
Write a paragraph about the religions that are practiced in the country. Be sure to include information about whether there is a Christian witness in the country and what percentage of the country is believed to be Christian.
Considering the language that is spoken in the country, the amount of people who are literate, and any other information about the religious climate of the country, write another paragraph or two about the things you would do to prepare to go to this country as a missionary.
Extra credit: Find a missionary to the country you are studying (a good starting point is to ask your church pastor or missions chairman if your church supports one). Include the missionary's name and location in the country in this section.*

Summary: Each project should contain at least five paragraphs and one of the items on list 3. It should be written neatly or typed, and the student should be prepared to share a few facts about his or her chosen country with the class. Each paragraph is worth 16 points; the item from list 3 is worth 12 points; overall presentation is worth 8 points; extra credit options are worth up to 4 points each.

A grading rubric will be added to this page as soon as possible, and handed out in class Monday, October 20. Projects are due Friday, October 31st. Time will be given in class to work on the project; however, it will not be completed at school, and time should be taken at home on lighter homework nights to work on it. (Several nights homework will be intentionally lightened or removed to allow project work at home.) Happy researching!