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Miss Lily Anderson
Miss Anderson is from Virginia Beach, VA, though she was actually born in New Hampshire. She has one younger brother. She spent fifth grade at Woodstock Elementary School in Virginia Beach, and graduated from Huntington College in Huntington, IN, in May of 2003. She has wanted to teach since she was in middle school. Miss Anderson also enjoys reading, making things, taking care of animals, learning, and watching Star Trek. Her favorite book is The Lord of the Rings, by J. R. R. Tolkien.

Miss Julianna Cyrus
Miss Cyrus, is a young lady with many interests. She enjoys sports such as basketball and soccer, and music, both vocal and guitar. She lives here in Maryland with her mother and father, two siblings, and a cousin. When she is older, she would like to be a marine biologist.

Miss Sarah Keating

Miss Sarah Kimball
Miss Kimball, a fan of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, by C. S. Lewis, was born in Richmond, Virginia, and moved to Maryland eight years ago. Sarah enjoys singing, dancing, and playing soccer, basketball, and other games. When she grows up Miss Kimball hopes to be a mom, a dog breeder, and doctor or a vet, even though she does not currently own any pets. Miss Kimball lives with her parents and two younger siblings, Anna (3) and Aaron (8).

Mr. Jacob Matthew

Mr. Sean Moore
Mr. Moore is a sportsman who plays soccer, football, and hockey - the favorite sport of his birthland, Russia. He also enjoys drawing, and would like to be a woodcarver when he grows up. His favorite book is the exciting classic The Adventures of Serlock Holmes. He resides in Maryland with his parents and his younger brother, Dennis.

Mr. Jack Savin
Mr. Savin comes to us from Hunt Valley, Maryland, where he lives with his parents and his younger sister Marley. His favorite book is The Call of the Wild, by Jack London, and he is very much a man of the outdoors. Jack enjoys bird watching, building dams in the stream near his house, and helping his father with projects outside. He plays soccer, baseball, and tennis, rides dirtbikes, and runs. He also likes helping others (especially his grandmothers), and when he's not busy with all that, Mr. Savin says, "I enjoy building Bionicles and inventing things." He hopes to be a jewler when he is older.

Miss Olivia Sazaklis
Miss Sazaklis is a native of Maryland who enjoys drawing, swimming, and reading. In particular, she likes historical novels, and her favorite book is Constance by Patricia Clapp. Miss Sazaklis also relishes arts and crafts (she takes pottery classes) and playing with her friends and family, which includes one younger brother, Matthew. She is a quiet, friendly young lady who looks foward to teaching as a career.

Miss Imani Stokes

Miss Fatima Wartz

Miss Hannah Webster

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