Iím a Pilgrim!

Social Studies, Literature

Instructional objectives: The class will list three differences between the first Thanksgiving and todayís celebration

Correlation to the Indiana State Standards: 3.1.2-.5

Time allotted: 30 minutes

Materials needed: Oh, What a Thanksgiving!; a Pilgrim costume; chalk and chalkboard

Set induction: The teacher enters dressed as a Pilgrim and carrying a Oh, What a Thanksgiving! She explains that she was brought here from the time of the Pilgrims and found this book in the library. Since she thinks it is especially accurate and appropriate, she thought sheíd read it to them.
1. Gather the children on the floor and answer a few questions if they are asked.
2. Read the story, comparing the illustrations of the Davidís imaginary Pilgrim village and of his real home. Often the narrative about the Pilgrims can become first-person, and at times explainations may be asked for from the students (eg, whatís that big white box Davidís mother is putting the food in?). Ask children with questions to wait until the story is finished.

3. When finished, answer any more questions that may have popped up. Ask children to write on the board several things that are different about the Pilgrimís and their Thanksgiving celebrations.

Wrap-up: Ask the children to return to the desks while you return to your time period for the Thanksgiving celebration.

Evaluation: See step 3.

Modifications: If any of the children act up, inform the class what happened if Pilgrims broke the rules (they had their necks tied to their ankes for the day). Aren't they glad our consequences aren't so harsh?

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