The Making of Paris and Juliet
DV & film, in pre-production

The behind-the-scenes documentary of a nonexistent movie on the love and loss Romeo's rival, Paris, and the lovely Juliet.

Cast (as originally signed on, no longer effective):
Joe, the Director/Producer -- Daniel Carlson
Juliet actress -------------- Katina Leatherby
Paris actor ----------------- Jeff Eberhardt
Romeo actor ----------------- Chad Myers
Editor ---------------------- Mike Larson
Writer ---------------------- 
Software Developer ---------- Eric Bumpus
Costume Designer ------------ Sarah Adolfson
Art Designer ---------------- Annette Lopez
Composer -------------------- Erik Weidmann
Makeup ---------------------- 
Receptionist ---------------- Heather Fishman
Annonymous actor ------------ Monica Jimenez-Grillo
Musicians ------------------- 
Extra actors ---------------- 
Msc. Crew ------------------- 

Writer/Director: Lily Anderson

Original Scene Summary

  1. We watch the filming of a scene from behind the actress as she says the famous line (in more modern speech): "Romeo, Romeo, why's your name gotta be Romeo?"
  2. The Director/Producer, Joe, shares his life-long dream to make this movie as we watch him direct the actors and see some pictures of him as a young man
  3. Joe and the writer consult on the script and Joe looks over artists' sketches as he shares how they brought the classic story to life in new ways for modern audiences while staying true to the author
  4. The costume director talks about the costumes while the actors model them
  5. Joe shares how many actors wanted to be in on the project as the receptionist hands over messages from many big names and answers the phone to tell a dejected Liam Neeson (or other big-name actor) that the parts have already been filled
  6. The Juliet actress shares her joy at being chosen for this part over shots of her hair and makeup being done
  7. The crew looks annoyed as the actors goof off backstage and voice over about how the whole set became one big happy family and this was the best project they've ever worked on
  8. An annonymous (face blurred out) actor shares about a secret backstage scandal
  9. Software that was created for this production struts its stuff as the software developer explains what it does and what the acronym that is its name means (the software translates Shakespeare's language into modern English, perhaps at the expense of the sound sync)
  10. The editor talks about his style and techniques over video of he and Joe working on some movie clips
  11. Musicians record the score as the composer/conductor explains how his music helps tell the story
  12. Clip from the final movie plays, with full voice, music, and sound effects
  13. Credits roll over staged outtakes and backstage goofiness
*This was originally a project without syncronized sound, so throughout the video you never actually see people's lips moving when their voice is heard. This may become a running gag, like Wilson on "Home Improvement."
*The director may be rather overbearing with everyone, especially the editor, forgetting who is responsible in the end for the CG text on the screen....
*Everything will be filmed in digital video except the "actual movie footage," which will be shot on film.

The cover of the fictional "Paris and Juliet" DVD on which the "Making of" would be found.
Writing on the back: Relive the Romance! In all the stories of "Romeo and Juliet," Paris has been overlooked, pushed aside, or villified. Now, follow his story of love, friendship, and betrayal in this critically-acclaimed movie by one of Hollywood's best directors. "A fresh take on a classic tale." -San Diego Chronicle "Two thumbs up!" -Ebert and Roper "Heartbreaking and beautiful." -New Yorker

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