When I'm listening to someone speak (church, chapel, class), I have to keep my hands busy. I do this by doodling. I like to think my pictures are halfway decent, but I'm not putting them here so people can enjoy my artistic genius. Mainly it's to preserve them for myself (pencil smudges away after a while). If you do like them, feel free to tell me. If you think they stink, just click away and find something more to your tastes on my site.

I like drawing hands

copied from photos. Mom isn't that wide in real life, but the picture of my brother turned out pretty good. I find that my drawings from pictures or real people don't look like the person I was drawing, but they do look like a person, whereas those done without a model don't even look like a person. See the photo of the second one in the scrapbook.

space and shadows

I'm always designing dresses... I actually made the second one, sans hat

I agree with the fox! (inside joke from camp 2001)

I love dancing, and old love is the most romantic

I enjoy designing, and doing, hair